2017 begins our 38th year in business. My how time flies when you are having fun...crochet fun that is! How well I remember the early days of this business when I started out with crochet design ideas, even though I had never even held a crochet hook! A friend showed me how to do a single crochet, and I learned the rest from instruction books!  Enjoy your visit here.  I hope you will find many things of interest to you.
Happy crocheting!
Carol Hegar

P.S. If you have any questions email me at: SLquestions@shadylane.com

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Textured Tiles Afghan
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Baby Afghan Closeup

Taos Poncho and Afghan
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Tribal Traditions
Poncho & Afghan

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Easy Endless Hearts Afghan
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Most of the links below go to printed booklets except as noted.
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Caribbean Cruise 
for 18" dolls

Native American Totes

Acres of Diamonds
Afghan & Pillow

FREE Slices of Florida Potholders

Doll Dress
Potholder Pattern

Camouflage Cover-Ups

Castle Afghan

Slumber Party 
for 18" dolls

Play Clothes 
for 18" dolls

Positively Polka Dots 
for 18" dolls

Fashion Statement 
for 18" dolls


Capri Outfit 
for 18" dolls

Electronic Download only

Native American
Afghan and Cocoon

Country Houses Afghan

Schoolgirl Fashions

for 18 inch dolls

Baby Cocoon

Diamond Stripe
Afghan and Pillow
Electronic Download only

Royal Aztec
Electronic Download only

Afghan and Pillow
Electronic Download only

Basketweave Afghan/Pillow
Electronic Download only

Cheyenne Afghan/Pillow
Electronic Download only

Cherokee Afghan/Pillow
Electronic Download only

Butterflies Home Decor
Electronic Download only

Butterfly Bouquet 

Waterfall Wardrobe
for 18 inch dolls

Car Seat Blankets

Picket Fence Afghan

Monkey Faces Afghan

Bunny Blanket

Gingham Tote Tykes

Choo Choo Train Afghan

Mr. & Mrs. Easter Bunny
Electronic Download only

Dolly Duds
Electronic Download only

Toy Blocks

Teddy Bear Baby Cocoons

Rocking Horses on Parade Afghan

Sailboats Afghan

Gingham Teddy Bear Afghan

Bed Doll Bears

Victorian Wardrobe for 18" Dolls

Modern Fashions for 18" Dolls

Wildwood Flower Afghan

Diamonds are Forever Afghan

Rocking Horse Afghan

Scottie Dog 18" Doll Wardrobe


Flower Fashions for 18" Dolls

Butterfly 18 inch Doll Wardrobe

Happy Birthday Bear Afghans/Pillows

Winter Afghans & Pillows

Diamond Duchess Afghan

Spring Fling Afghan & Pillow

Diamond Jubilee Afghan

Romantic Rhapsody Afghan & Pillow

SweetHeart Afghans and Pillows

Sweet Teddy Bear Afghan

Flower Afghans & Pillows

Captive Heart Afghans & Pillow

Hearts at Home Afghan & Pillows

Romantic Rose Afghan & Pillow

Easy Crochet Diamond Afghans & Pillows

Strawberry Afghan & Pillows

Classic Native American Afghans and Pillows

Optical Illusion Afghans & Pillows

Yummy Potholders

Butterfly Bath Ensemble

Fruit Potholder Mitts

Vegetable Potholder Mitts