Welcome to my new electronic download section.  At the present time, they must be ordered separately from any printed pattern booklets.

Watch for more coming soon!

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Stylish Fashions
for 18" Dolls


Sunny Day Sensations for 18" Dolls

Caribbean Cruise for 18" Dolls

Slumber Party
for 18" Dolls

Play Clothes
for 18" Dolls

Fashion Statement
for 18" Dolls


Capri Outfit 
for 18" dolls

Electronic Download only

Positively Polka Dots
for 18" Dolls

Cow Girl Outfit
for 18" Dolls

Schoolgirl Fashions

for 18 inch Dolls

Classic Bed Dolls #1
for 11 1/2 inch fashion dolls

Waterfall Wardrobe
for 18" Dolls

Santa Fe Senorita
for 18" Dolls

Summer Picnic
for 18" Dolls

It's My Party
for 18" Dolls

Ballerina for 18" Dolls

Dazzling Prom Dresses for Barbie Fashion Dolls

Lawn Party
for 18" Dolls

Middy Ensemble
for 18" Dolls

Winter Blues
for 18" Dolls

Tea Time frock
for 18" Dolls

Autumn Walk
for 18" Dolls

Winter Warmers
for 12" Dolls

Rosie's Wardrobe
for 12" Dolls

Dolly Duds

Gingham Tote Tykes

Bed Doll Bears

Victorian Wardrobe for 18" Dolls

Modern Fashions for 18" Dolls

Scottie Dog 18" Doll Wardrobe


Flower Fashions for 18" Dolls

Butterfly 18 inch Doll Wardrobe