Perle Cotton (aka Pearl Cotton)

 Mercerized Perle Cotton Size 5 2-ply, put-up on 230 yard, 1.75 ounce core balls,  are $3.29 each
I love this stuff and use it a lot in my doll designing.  I use it in place of #10 because It is much softer, and has a real sheen to it, which I like for dolls and special things.  I think it's a good bargain too, because you get 230  yds. on each ball!   The colors match the Cabled Cotton colors so for the bigger dolls I like to use the cabled cotton for the main outfit, and trim or accessorize with this perle cotton.

I have had quite a few ladies tell me recently they are using this perle cotton to make sock trim for infant, toddler and children's socks.  Some of them are even adding beads.  Many of them are selling them to friends or at crafts fairs, bazaars, craft malls.

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Sadly, the thread company we get our supplies from has closed after 40 yrs in business.  We are selling off what we have left, which is listed below.



Purple #P5
1 left



Lemon #P22
0 left

Peach P14
0 left

Smoke Blue #P27 (silver gray)
2 left


Shades of yellow and baby pink.

Thunderbird #P42
3 left

Black #P70
0 left

Pink Lemonade #P328
0 left


Red, White and Blue.

Light/Med. Purple (lavender), Yellow and White.

Darker Purple, Bright Yellow-Gold, Yellow and White.

Yankee Doodle #P162
0 left

Light Pansy #P325
12 left 

Dark Pansy #P325
12 left 


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