America's Best Rayon Crochet Thread

America's Best Rayon Crochet Thread, put-up on 100 yd. balls, are $3.49 each
This crochet thread is comparable to size 8 crochet cotton but I have interchanged it with #10 as long as I got the correct gauge for #10.  When I first started working with this rayon thread it took some getting used to, but I soon got the hang of  it.  You can get some really interesting silky effects if you steam it after crocheting (I know this sounds crazy, but it works--there are details in my books on how to do this).  This thread is used in many of the fabulous Paradise Publications Crochet Collector Costumes.  The company that makes it, Elmore-Pisgah, formerly manufactured it under the Lily Rayon Crochet Thread brand.

SADLY, the thread company has closed after 40 yrs. in business. We have sold out all the remaining stock of this thread that we have.

We still have a bit of the other sizes of thread.  Click on the return to supplies menu to see a list.  We will continue with our main business of original crochet designs.


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